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Several common faults of Cummins diesel generator set

Thời gian: 2017-04-30 Lượt truy cập: 7

Cummins diesel generator set is a familiar Sino-US joint venture diesel generator set brand. Cummins diesel generator sets are easy to maintain, low maintenance costs, and have excellent sudden load performance. So what are the common faults in the use of Cummins diesel generator sets?

1. Cummins diesel generator set is difficult to start.

Check whether the battery has electricity, whether the fuel is full, check whether the diesel pump is working normally, and whether there is any loose screw in the body of the diesel generator set.
2. The frequency of Cummins diesel generator set is unstable.

Check whether there is voltage, whether the speed control board is damaged, whether the diesel pipe is broken or whether the oil circuit enters the air.
3. The oil pressure of Cummins diesel generator set is normal but shut down

Check whether the oil pressure switch, controller, etc. are damaged.
4. Cummins diesel generator set emits black smoke during operation.

Check whether the turbocharger is damaged and whether the fuel injector is working properly.