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Cách khởi động bộ máy phát điện diesel

Thời gian: 2019-06-15 Lượt truy cập: 17

1) Place the voltage regulator selector switch on the switch screen in the manual position.
2) Turn on the fuel switch and at the same time fix the fuel control handle at the throttle position of about 700 rpm.
3) Use the high-pressure oil pump switch handle to manually pump oil continuously until there is resistance to pump oil and the fuel injector makes a crisp squeak.
4) Put the oil pump switch handle on the working position, and push the pressure reducing valve to the pressure reducing position.
5) Crank the handle by hand or press the electric start button to start the diesel engine. When the diesel engine reaches a certain speed, quickly pull the reducing shaft back to the working position to start the diesel engine.
6) After the diesel engine starts, turn the electric key back to the middle position, and the speed should be controlled at 600-700 rpm, and pay close attention to the oil pressure and the indication of the gauge (for working oil pressure, please refer to the operating instructions of various diesel engines). If there is no indication of oil pressure, shut down immediately for inspection.
7) If the diesel generator set is operating normally at low speed, the speed can be gradually increased to 1000~1200 rpm for preheating operation. When the water temperature is 50~60℃ and the oil temperature reaches about 45℃, then the speed will be increased to 1500 rpm. /Min, observe that the frequency meter of the distribution panel should be around 50 Hz, and the voltmeter should be 380-410 volts. If the voltage is high or low, the magnetic field rheostat can be adjusted.
8) If the diesel generator set is working normally, you can close the air switch between the generator and the load, and then gradually increase the load and send power to the outside.