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Features and uses of diesel generator sets

Thời gian: 2020-11-30 Lượt truy cập: 15

Diesel generator set (power range 3~1000KW) is the main product of our factory. It integrates the advanced technology of our factory's synchronous generator, excitation device, overall structure and other production technology, supporting the use of national standards 95, 135, 160, 190 series diesel engines and the introduction of internationally renowned American Cummins, Austrian Steyr and original Swedish imported Volvo and other diesel engines. With superior product quality and advanced technical performance, it can provide stable, reliable and economical power supply to customers at home and abroad.

The diesel generator set is an AC generator set, which runs smoothly, is durable, and is easy to maintain. It is suitable for industrial and mining enterprises, hotels, hospitals, rural towns, fisheries, animal husbandry and forestry as mobile or fixed power sources for lighting, communications and broadcasting. It can also be used as a building, The hotel's backup power supply.

When the diesel generator set has a rated power of 0-100% and a COS of 0.8, the automatic voltage adjustment rate under a three-phase symmetrical load can meet the general use requirements, and it can be adjusted within the range of 95-105% of the rated voltage when there is no load. The unit can directly start a squirrel-cage three-phase asynchronous motor with 30~70% of the rated power of the unit; when the unit is running under a three-phase asymmetrical load, if the current of each phase does not exceed the rated value and the three-phase current does not exceed 20%, then The crew is allowed to work for a long time.